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Continuous monitoring and solid expertise mean Kryzalid is perfectly equipped to understand and improve your business processes, using custom application solutions designed to suit your web or mobile application needs.



Our experts

UX Designer:

The UX Designer’s mission is to make sure that your application integrates well into your users’ daily lives. The approach implemented focuses on identifying your target customers’ needs and concerns. This allows the UX designer to create the innovative and functional experience you’ll need to maintain your users’ loyalty. Specific expertise will ensure that your final product is competitive and profitable.

Mobile Designer:

The mobile designer’s specialty is creating aesthetically pleasing designs for website interfaces and mobile applications through high-quality graphics and visuals. This step involves creating a layout for the information that is visually appealing and easy to read on any mobile device (smartphones, tablets).

Front-End Web and/or Mobile Developers:

Responsible for visual and interactive integration, our team of experienced front-end developers uses the latest technology to ensure your business rules live up to their full potential.

Back-End and/or Mobile Developers:

Masters in the art of building the foundations of a solid application, our back-end developers put together the nuts and bolts of your application and create the framework that supports the interactive layer.

Technical Director:

The technical director ensures that development activities go smoothly by providing support to the development teams and serving as the point of reference for technological decisions. By constantly keeping an eye on technological trends, the technical director will make sure your application project stays on the cutting edge.



The evolution of HTML! Angular extends HTML ’s capabilities by adding a flexible application framework that enables front-end developers to push the boundaries of the web as we know it.

Meteor and Cordova:

The perfect match between web technology and mobile devices. Meteor provides a JavaScript development environment for integrating advanced features. Cordova makes it possible to deploy your applications on iOS and Android mobile devices. A dynamic duo that opens the doors to the world of mobile.

MVC Frameworks (Model-View-Controller):

Complex applications require solid foundations! Kryzalid uses the MVC frameworks Symfony2 and Laravel to develop the framework of your application solution. These open code technologies have strong backing from their respective communities, which ensures your project’s robustness and sustainability.

And many others:

Polymer, NodeJS, Firebase, to name a few, are a constantly evolving arsenal of tools to push your ideas forward!