Branding and Visual Identity

More than just a logo, branding is a unique set of values

Branding is not just creating a logo, a layout of graphic elements, or choosing colors. It is a story that is told to convey the underlying personality of your business, its goals, aspirations, values and its promise to its audience. Your brand should consistently communicate a sense of belonging, confidence, and security. Branding means creating a visual language to achieve specific business goals.



Our experts

Artistic Director:

Curious, creative, observant and insightful, our artistic director can guide you through creating a new brand identity, work with your team to set up a rebranding strategy, or simply enhance an existing brand identity that will be used on the web or in marketing tools. The artistic director is responsible for the visual and artistic aspects of your communications and will guide you through the strategic choices needed to create an appropriate visual language that will maximize your credibility.


The graphic designer assists the artistic director in defining and developing a strong brand strategy. Immersion in the established branding means that personality and values are incorporated in every piece the designer creates (e.g., stationary, business cards, envelopes, etc.), while making each piece punchy and unique.


The writer doesn’t just work on core content. With an ability to play around with words, an extensive vocabulary and creativity, writers can be called on to think up a new business name or create a slogan that will strengthen your brand’s positioning.



A logo is a graphical representation of a business, a trademark, an organization, or a product that is used on various communication media. A logo reinforces a company’s image. It is important for the logo to have qualities that evoke the company’s activity and values, or the product it represents.

Graphic standards:

A guide to graphic standards is a useful tool that helps maintain graphical consistency in your communications and graphic creations to showcase your brand. A guide on good and bad practices and guidelines that are easy to put into practice are two simple ways of ensuring that your branding strategy is maintained.


Business cards, letterhead, several sizes of envelopes, customer presentation kits, notepads. Each of these items is an opportunity to strengthen your brand. Make sure they are up to your customers’ expectations.

Related materials:

Do you need brochures for a specific product or service, lettering for a vehicle, or a booth for an expo that’s coming up soon? Our team will work to give you the tools you need to bolster your branding.


At Kryzalid,your website is our top concern. Your website is part of your brand’s big picture. Redesigning a website may even lead to a branding overhaul in order to achieve new business goals. Whether your company communicates through print media, SEM campaigns, or social media, make sure that each format is perfectly designed for showcasing your values, personality, and vision.