Web Marketing

Set up marketing levers that make a difference

Having a good web marketing strategy is essential to defining and achieving your objectives in terms of traffic, ROI, and brand recognition. Setting up a comprehensive strategic plan with concrete actions and measurable results helps ensure you will achieve a winning return. To help you set up and implement the best possible strategy, first our team will work with you to set objectives based on your needs, then implement effective marketing levers that will make all the difference.



Our experts

Digital Media Strategist:

Our digital media strategist develops the most appropriate strategy for achieving your business objectives, setting up a targeted action plan to maximize your ROI by using appropriate levers such as natural and paid search campaigns. The digital media strategist also collaborates with the SEO specialist and the campaign manager to establish an overall picture, a situational analysis of the market and the competition in your industry.

SEO Specialist:

Content marketing must respond to search engines’ changing criteria. Always on the lookout for the latest changes to the Google algorithm, our SEO specialist is able to offer original content, conveying your ideas while taking SEO-related constraints into account. Our SEO specialist will also fine-tune your natural referencing in terms of inbound links to your site (backlinking).

Digital Media Campaign Manager:

Several members of our team are AdWords certified to meet the needs of customers who want to implement a paid search marketing strategy. Choosing keywords based on search volume, manual bidding for a higher click-through rate, setting up and monitoring campaigns: our experts will do everything in their power to optimize your page and achieve the best possible relevant click-through rate.

Digital Analyst:

Compiling statistics and information about your users’ behavior is essential: the resulting reports will allow you to monitor the changes and optimizations made to your campaign. The digital analyst is responsible for creating detailed reports that highlight the results of the marketing actions carried out by our team of experts. Once the data have been analyzed, you will be given recommendations for specific measures that will help improve your ROI.


Targeted SEO methods:

The combination of our knowledge of the market and our understanding of your customers and prospects allows us to set up the most appropriate action plan for your challenges. We have several tricks up our sleeve that will optimize your visibility and make your website accessible and visible to the greatest number of people, thereby developing your reputation. Depending on your needs, we can create a solid strategy based on link building, partnership, affiliation, online advertising, and even viral marketing.

SEM Campaigns:

Implementing targeted search campaigns or targeted display campaigns (banners), strategically positioned in relation to your competition, generates excellent visibility with relevant keywords and enhances your return on investment. We set up landing pages that are tailored to the campaigns, striving for the highest possible level of quality, which is an essential factor for your AdWords sponsored ads.

Analysis through performance tools:

To maximize your return on investment in the medium and long term, we use measurement and analysis tools that allow us to observe user behavior on your website or on your landing page. Collecting and analyzing this information allows us to be more responsive, fulfilling your users’ needs faster and more accurately.