Digital Strategy

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To better define your goals and achieve results, we need to know where you are coming from, who you are, what kind of resources are at your disposal, and the context in which you operate. We always start with an in-depth analysis of the situation. Based on the strategic analysis of your position on the web, we are able to offer you a customized solution. By understanding and analyzing your business processes we can identify the opportunities and gaps in your marketing operations, which allows us to recommend concrete and effective digital solutions for the identified issues. Find out how the Web can be a lever for achieving your goals!



Our experts


To effectively coordinate your various activities on the web and all other media, our strategist will help you brainstorm and determine your goals and the relevant tactics to reach them. Together, you will create a common reference framework for your various activities by establishing SMART KPIs. Our strategist will provide a comprehensive and coherent picture of your web presence, factoring in the various specializations and players involved in order to put into perspective all the aspects (SEO, usability, community management, marketing, emailing, blogging)

Expert in Data Mining:

A vital asset in the era of Big Data, our data mining expert will unearth relevant data that will help you develop strategies. By setting up structures using the criteria set based on your goals, from which it will be possible to glean a great deal of knowledge, this expert will ensure that your strategy is user-centered at all times.

Technical Director:

To analyze your technological needs and reach your marketing objectives within a simple framework, an impeccable technological structure must be designed. Our technical director will open your eyes to technologies that will meet your objectives and business requirements. You will receive assistance and support in order to understand challenges and make the most pertinent decisions.


Strategic planning:

An in-depth analysis of your competitive positioning will be established based on a comparative benchmark ( SEO, SEM, SMO , mobile), and a usability evaluation. We will also give a presentation on the trends and best practices in digital marketing. From here we can discuss your strategic options and set up an appropriate timetable.

Business analysis:

A detailed analysis of your online initiatives will prompt you to take a step back, helping you understand the environment in which you conduct business. Taking various factors (e.g., subscription, download, traffic, etc.) and their supporting frameworks (CRM, ERP, POS) into account gives you insight into the actions you should take to meet your objectives.

Selecting suppliers:

Once your objectives have been set and you’ve carefully planned which tactics to use, our experts will guide you to the best choice of suppliers. We will help you understand the selection criteria and offer you the choice that best meets your specific needs.