Thrive through e-commerce

B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer), or both: making the move to do business online is a great way to raise awareness about your company, and yields an excellent return on investment. An effective e-commerce solution takes all of your challenges, your industry, and your competitiveness into consideration. Your e-commerce platform must be thought out, designed and structured to ensure that your customers’ shopping experience is flawless. From design to integration, our web specialists have the expertise and custom technology needed to set up a reliable online marketplace and optimize user experience for the best possible results.



Our experts

Expert en stratégie e-commerce :

Essentiel en phase d'analyse du terrain, notre expert en stratégie e-commerce mesure avec précision le potentiel du marché que vous souhaitez conquérir. Évaluation de la concurrence, de l'audience ciblée et de votre contexte d'affaires : il mettra en lumières la meilleure tactique à adopter pour vous garantir le positionnement le plus rentable.

UX Designer:

Our UX Designer identifies users’ problems, then strives to find a creative, easy-to-use solution that will improve their online shopping experience. These tasks directly impact and enhance user experience by improving the transaction process and features like their shopping cart.

Web Designer:

Showcasing your products’ value is an essential part of a pleasant shopping experience. A significant trigger factor for online purchases, the process should be simple and easy to get through: choice of colors, typography, CTAs (Calls to Action), we think of every option that would make your transactional platform easy for customers to use.

Front-End Developers:

The visual and interactive integration stage is a crucial part of setting up your online marketplace. Our front-end developers use the best technologies to achieve seamless integration, ensuring that your business rules are observed and held to the highest standard.

Back-End Developers:

Given the importance of back-end coding to e-commerce solutions, back-end implementation of the functionalities that give life to your site requires particular rigor and diligence. Our development team is equipped with the best technological tools to achieve this and ensure stability, security and reliability to provide a flawless experience for your customers, thereby optimizing your conversion rate.



Shopify is a complete hosted e-commerce platform that makes it possible to create an effective online store tailored to your online business needs. Through a well thought-out communication platform, we will create an optimized high-performance site that is perfectly integrated into your business environment.

WooCommerce for WordPress:

To date, nearly 75 million websites use WordPress. Its popularity and user-friendliness make it a solid base on which to build a website that’s flexible and easy to manage. The WooCommerce theme by WooThemes offers a full range of e-commerce features within a WordPress site, including product and inventory management, secure online payment, and more!


For your more intrepid ideas, Magento develops e-commerce solutions for more complex, demanding, large-scale projects. The Magento platform is the ideal choice for high-volume commercial sites: it integrates catalog management capable of handling hundreds of categories and items, advanced pricing models, discount models, and promotions, as well as full management of the site’s framework in addition to an application framework that allows developers to take advantage of its full potential. With over 150,000 active sites and a library of extensions that can fulfill almost any need, Magento is the perfect solution for carrying out the most ambitious e-commerce projects!