Website Design

Your website is a vital part of your strategic operations

Excellent customer experiences result in an excellent return on investment. Our solutions, focused on users’ needs, enable you to define and achieve your goals. Throughout our collaboration, our team will use the resources needed to set up an effective, relevant strategy that’s tailored to your needs. Our powerful technological tools allow us to align your business needs with your customers’ needs to achieve a flawless online experience.




Project Manager:

Orchestrating your project from A to Z, our project manager sets up your project for the team and is your primary contact. Creating tasks specific to each expert, supervising each step, and working with the rest of the team to guarantee a high-quality final product, our project manager will support and advise you throughout the process of creating your website.

UX Designer:

Our UX Designer will set up your website’s architecture to ensure the highest degree of user-friendliness. This step involves designing an intuitive browsing experience for your users that is relevant and in line with their expectations. The UX designer’s mission is to build your site’s framework. The goal: to make this framework a solid, coherent base that meets your needs, and above all, your users’ needs.

Web Writer:

Your site’s content should be unique and optimized to meet the essential criteria of natural referencing (SEO). Our writer will carefully study your target market, your competition, and the most relevant keywords to work into your content. A second mission is to create original content with a captivating tone and format that is in line with your image.

Artistic Director / Web Designer:

Working in close collaboration with the UX expert the designer adds the graphic layer to your website’s framework. Coloring, imagery, iconography and illustration: all the elements work in concert to awaken the senses of the intended target audience. Whether building on existing branding or creating a strong new image for your company from scratch, our team will assist you in making pertinent, effective choices that fit your business.

Technical Director / Web Developer:

By validating the proposals made by the creative team and providing technological guidance throughout the project, the front- and back-end developers ensure the project is technically viable. Backed by the team of developers, the technical director creates the technological environment that is most suitable for the project and guides its deployment. Using detailed specifications, wireframes, and graphic models, the front-end developer brings the visual aspects to life across multiple platforms, while the back-end developer programs the functionalities, guided by the pre-established business logic.


Your website undergoes a quality assurance process that guarantees the finished product is flawless, in line with your needs, and ready to use. Through meticulous design, proofreading, and testing the platform under real conditions, our team delivers a website that is fully functional.

Our process


Background, consideration, analysis and recommendations.The first step in our website creation process is working with you to develop a solid strategy that is tailored to your business needs. Targets, competitive environment, marketing issues, sales process: our strategist will work with you to define the most relevant and effective levers and draw up key performance indicators (KPIs) that will measure how well we have accomplished our objectives.

UX - User Experience:

Design, discussions and iterations.Our usability specialist will make sure that your website meets your target customers’ needs. The creation of a tree structure and customized wireframes will ensure that your site is structured and organized such that it is useful, effective, efficient, and satisfying for your audience.

Content production:

Writing, photo, illustration, and video. Your website’s content should be punchy, unique, optimized for effective natural referencing, and closely reflect your values. Our writer will brainstorm with you to come up with the best angles of attack for producing lively content in tune with your website. Need photos, videos, or illustrations for your platform? Our team of developers and designers will set up everything you need, staying in line with your brand identity, and will provide strong visual content that will convey the right message to your target.


Design, trends, and creative concepts. Our artistic director, working with a designer, defines your new website’s graphic charter in line with your values and needs in terms of image. They will develop a standards guide, a mood board, and standard mock-ups for your site’s pages, then present them to you. The objective is to provide a strong graphic style across all of your web and printed media that is consistent with your values.


Development and production. Once the design and mock-ups have been approved, our technical team of integrators, developers, an SEO expert, and your project manager start developing your website: deployment of CMS, production and input of optimized content, integration of CRM on your website, front and back-end development. Once it’s set up, your website will undergo a quality assurance phase, meaning that you will receive a website that has been fully tested by our experts.


Data gathering and analysis.Your website is now online: it’s time to validate the objectives that you defined earlier, when the strategy was established. By collecting data and measuring KPIs, our strategist and SEO expert are able to generate analysis reports for you and make recommendations for improving your results.


Optimization, iteration and implementation.Once our team has analyzed the data, they make recommendations in the analysis reports. It is essential that these recommendations be implemented, as they will help you achieve your objectives. Tests will be carried out to quantify their beneficial impact and to determine potential adjustments that could be made to meet and even exceed your objectives.


WordPress and Drupal:

As open source Content Management Systems (CMS) that are constantly evolving and are supported by thousands of web professionals, Wordpress and Drupal have a proven track record. These are ideal solutions for your content-based web projects.

Symfony and Laravel:

When your needs go beyond simply presenting information, your projects are built on a solid framework, upon which the mechanisms required by your business rules are carefully developed. Symfony and Laravel help ensure your project’s longevity without compromising flexibility or security.

PSR standards:

All of the PHP code produced by Kryzalid is in line with the PSR standards and recommendations, which are recognized for ensuring high quality, and are also known for their portability, meaning that any developer can continue to make changes to your project.

Sass and Compass:

To ensure your site’s flawless functionality and optimal visual maintainability, our front-end developers use the best style sheet composition technologies on the market. At the heart of today’s mobile era, Sass and Compass are indispensable web tools.


The application framework provided by Angular adds a modern and interactive touch to your website user’s experience.