Quebec has a rich archaeological heritage that spans over 12,000 years! ARCHÉO-QUÉBEC wants everyone to discover this fascinating world through its portal. Combining both Month of archeology and ArchéoTours websites, Archéo-Québec offers a variety of fun and clever activities.

Our mission: Create a web platform gathering related entities in a unique space while focusing on attractive design

Archeo-Quebec: packaging with the new identity
  • Archeo-Quebec: archaeological excavation picture on the responsive website
  • Archeo-Quebec: business card with the new identity Archeo-Quebec: logo of the new identity
  • Archeo-Quebec: cross-channel view of the responsive website (mobile and laptop)
  • Archeo-Quebec: icon series created as part of the new identity on the website
  • 24,195visits per year

    107,113page views per year

    3:36average minutes per session

  • The result : a responsive website that adapts to desktop, tablet, and mobile. Kryzalid developed the website with Drupal CMS to allow the client to update general information, as well as the numerous activities in Quebec archaeology, in due time.

  • Web expert working on the redesign of the responsive website and identity Archeo-Quebec: web expert working on the UX design and usability of the website
  • Web expert sketching logos as part of the redesign of the website and identity