Founded in 2008, Centris® offers an exclusive high-quality technological resource base to 12 Quebec real estate boards and almost 13,000 real estate brokers. Centris.ca has the largest number of properties for sale throughout Quebec.

Our mission: to make strategic recommendations, entirely reconceptualizing the new responsive website, in order to improve user experience with tools such as the search, calculators and real estate statistics.

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  • Qualities of a good real estate broker iPad view of the new Centris.ca website
  • Icon design for the real estate industry
  • iPad et desktop view of the new Centris.ca website
  • +90.37%sessions

    +99.63%users (nearly 4 million)

    +166.15%page views

  • Centris’ objective was to provide the public with a reliable real estate platform that could be used to consult an estate broker for sound advice about acquiring the ideal property. Kryzalid completely revamped the operation of the website platform and performed very stringent user tests in order to ensure that the proposed interface was accessible and user-friendly.

    The search engine was fine-tuned for a simplified user experience, while remaining the most comprehensive on the market. The real estate blog, calculators and other tools such as the real estate statistics module were enhanced. The property summary sheets have been refined, giving them better visibility. This major project took place over two years, with the Centris® team’s close collaboration.

  • Improved real estate search engine tool
  • Real estate search by map Refined real estate property summary sheet