Dempton Groupe Conseil

Dempton Groupe-Conseil envisioned an ecosystem where customers, partners, and employees unite to realize their potential by working together and successfully deliver business and technological projects.

Our mission: modernize the overall branding to convert potential customers and highly skilled resources.

  • Photography adapted to the new branding
  • Global branding including website redesign
  • Logo design and branding for a consulting group. New branding including logo, business cards, sleeve folder and complete stationery.
  • Creation of a website adapted for multiple web platforms.
  • Video design adapted for the web.
  • 88%Increase in visits at launch

    45%Increase in monthly visits

    30%Drop in bounce rate

  • Kryzalid proceeded to the overhaul redesign of Dempton’s digital strategy as well as the group’s visual identity including logo, stationery, and website. As we designed a new responsive website, we opted for a simple, highly visual approach using videos on the home page and large images in each section.

  • Creation of a sleeve folder to complement the new branding.
  • Creative research for a new branding. portfolio.dempton.alt_image_9