E-Z-Max Solutions

With more than 10 years of expertise in fully integrated management and accounting solutions for real-estate agencies and agents, e-Z-max offers an innovative business solution, specifically designed to optimize productivity and profitability.

Our mission: Rethink the information architecture of the new website in order to improve the user experience and allow the customer to boost its notoriety as well as develop new markets.

  • Website design using the Angular2 framework and Single Page App (SPA).
  • Photography adapted to the creation of a website for e-Z-max.
  • Website created with the Angular 2 framework. Single Page App web design displayed on an iPad.
  • Fonts selection for creating a website.
  • Hexadecimal color palette for web design.
  • Display of several responsive website layouts on smartphones.
  • Icons design for websites.
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  • The information architecture has been optimized to improve the user experience. A sleek design combined with current and dynamic visuals advantageously showcase the e-Z-max solutions. The website was built as an SPA (Single Page App) using the Angular2 framework. The result is an enhanced user experience and an exceptional level of performance.

  • Web page developed with Angular 2 and Single Page App (SPA).