Groupe CSL

The Canada Steamship Line Group (CSL) is a leading provider of marine dry bulk cargo handling and delivery services and the world’s largest owner and operator of self-unloading vessels. Through its six major operating divisions, the CSL Group owns and operates a highly diversified fleet of specialized self-unloading vessels, off-shore transhippers and bulk carriers.

Our mission: To increase the presence of CSL on the web, update its image, retain employees, recruit new talent and acquire new customers through a good web strategy and suitable tools.

CSL: graphic design of a map showing the company's divisions
  • CSL: mobile display of the responsive website
  • CSL: graphic design of a world map made for the responsive website CSL: stationery implemented with the new CSL branding
  • CSL: posters created as part of a promotional campaign for job offers
  • CSL: photo of a boat from the company used in the website
  • 2:55average minutes per session

    600,770page views per year

    100,185users per year

  • Kryzalid revamped the visual identity of the Group and its 6 divisions in addition to creating a responsive design website that reflects the expertise of CSL. The new architecture segmented by divisions, services and geographical locations allows easy access to information. Are also available a description of the fleet, an interactive history of the Group and a new space for medias. Google Analytics reports show a significant increase in attendance on the website since 2013.

  • CSL: web expert working on the website's UX and ergonomics
  • CSL: web expert working on project management CSL: display of the responsive website on multi-platforms (mobile and laptop)