REZO is a Montreal-based community organization that has been active since 1991 and offers various activities to promote health and well-being of gay, bisexual, cisgender and transgender men, or to men who have sex with men. Based on the collaboration between REZO and a team of researchers from the Université de Sherbrooke (Longueuil campus), the MONBUZZ.CA project is aimed at adult males who have used alcohol or drugs in the past year and who wonder about the influence of their consumption on their sexuality or vice versa.

Our mission : to create a friendly and inviting experience that allows the user to respond in a confidential manner to questions related to his consumption habits and sexuality.

  • Presentation of the interface of the conversational application on mobile
  • Home page of MONBUZZ.CA website.
  • Resources to help users. Compulsory consent form before starting the questionnaire.
  • Example of chatbot style conversation.
  • Man sitting at a cafe filling out the  out the  MONBUZZ.CA form on his mobile.
  • Rather than opting for a long traditional questionnaire, KRYZALID has developed a conversational application (chatbot style). At the end of the conversation, a personalized report containing feedback and recommendations is provided to the user. At that point, a live specialist is also available to gain a deeper understanding on certain elements or to obtain access to resources that correspond to his needs. MONBUZZ.ca also serves as a data collection platform for the Université de Sherbrooke researchers.

    The application is perfectly suited for mobile use. The large number of possible responses combinations and the resulting structural complexity have been mastered by remarkable ergonomics which provides a simplified and fluid interaction.

  • At the end of the questionnaire, a report is presented to the user.
  • A live specialist speaks on the phone with a user. A user in his living room speaking on the phone with a live specialist.