SOLMAX is a worldwide leader in Polyethylene GEOMEMBRANES manufacturing. Sold in more than 60 countries, its products are used by the biggest names in the mining, energy, waste or water management and civil engineering sectors. Solmax's products are essential to protect the soil against contamination, for example, in applications as critical as landfills of the world's most populous cities on the planet.

Our mission : Clarifying the company's offering and positioning by implementing an Inbound marketing strategy and an architecture that organizes the presentation of products by industry and by geographical location.

  • Presentation of the homepage of the new Solmax website.
  • The Data Sheet Generator, a new feature of the Solmax website. The new Solmax website displays perfectly on mobile (responsive design).
  • Easy registration for the Solmax Newsletter with a welcome form.
  • Presentation of the multiple divisions of Solmax throughout the world.
  • -53.26%rebound rate

    +61.90%session duration

    +51.15%pages per session

  • The goal was to develop a site with quality, highly effective content that would be easily identified by search engines and would attract customers and suppliers from different countries (we are currently finalizing a Mandarin version of the site!)

    From a technical point of view the site was built with Angular using Material for interfaces. Probably the most impressive feature we created for this site is a powerful data sheet generator that builds, in 9 steps and less than 10 seconds, by assembling elements allowing more than 60,000 possibilities, a data sheet that meets the specific needs of the applicant.

    Considering the importance of presenting in a clear and organized manner the products and services, we opted for a refined white background staging to showcase the visual signature and used spectacular photos taken from a bird's-eye view, of the client's membranes to enhance the product even more.

  • Putting forward the mission and vision of the company in the About Solmax section.
  • Types of geomembranes are at the heart of Solmax's list of products. Detail page of a geomembrane product: finish, thickness and width.