Solutions Pub

Groupe V Média is a entertainment leader in Quebec. The group owns V Télé, Noovo.ca, Music Plus, Max, 25Stanley.com and Boutique noovo.ca. and needed to develop a new media placement solution for all their banners.

Our mission: develop Solutions Pub, a flexible and easily malleable tool, targeted primarily at media placement specialists and that can be updated quickly and simply by members of our customer's team.

  • Home page of Solutions Pub by Group V Télé.
  • Presentation of the contact page of the Solutions Pub web site on a vertical iPad. Filterable list of Group V Télé content for all shows and digital content.
  • The brands of Groupe V Télé : V, Max, MusiquePlus, Noovo, Boutique Noovo.ca et 25Stanley.com.
  • Presentation of V on the new Solutions Pub portal.
  • Content display of the Solutions Pub website on mobile.
  • The site's signature matches the image of Groupe V Média: lively, simple and full of pictures, even the contact page is out of the ordinary! The highly advanced CMS provides great flexibility and allows for the upgrade of virtually all components, and video management is achieved through the integration of Brightcove solutions. The organization of information makes this site particularly effective and convenient to use.

  • Animation detail on the Solutions Pub website.
  • Photo of the tv show "Les recettes pompettes" with Éric Salvail. Photo of a tv broadcast on the Max channel.