Town of Mount Royal

Located right at the heart of the island of Montreal, Town of Mount Royal offers its residents a wide range of cultural activities and an ideal residential setting, surrounded by delightful green spaces. In order to continue providing residents with clear and accessible information, the town called on Kryzalid for help.

Our mission: to completely rethink the organization of the client’s website, helping users to find information more intuitively, and to accentuate the town’s cultural and “garden city” aspects.

  • Home page of the Town of Mount Royal website
  • Detail of the search engine Burger menu for iPad and mobile
  • Website page design mock-ups
  • Photo of the library of Mount Royal
  • -53.26%rebound rate

    +61.90%session duration

    +51.15%pages per session

  • With access to information being one of Town of Mount Royal’s biggest concerns, some usability testing was done to gauge ease of use for the newly added calendar that centralizes all the activities and services offered by the town.

    We carried out a major reorganization of the information on the site, with the goal of adopting a user-centred vocabulary within a system of contextual navigation. Finally, the collaboration with the town library was highlighted, offering up cultural content in the form of reading suggestions for residents.

    On the design side, the “garden city” concept was accentuated through the omnipresent imagery and the green and white colour scheme, it was also underscored by parallax effects on the large images. The friendly, resident-oriented aspect is reflected in the highly visible placement of social media links on the home page.

    Kryzalid used a Drupal CMS to implement a search environment that introduces semantic markup of content, thereby providing centralized access to all the information on the site. And it was all done with a “mobile first” orientation.

  • Close-up of a page layout of the website
  • Mobile version of the Town of Mount Royal website Photo of a retro phone booth in Town of Mount Royal